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Fundraiser Request Form

Welcome! You’re on your way to raising funds for your cause through an Acapulco fundraising event. Acapulco fundraisers are available in-restaurant only with 20% of sales donated directly to your cause (subject to meeting the minimum fundraiser sales as described below).

We partner with various types of organizations for fundraisers, and some of our favorites include:

  • K–12 Schools (PTAs/PTOs, STEM Clubs, Senior Prom)
  • University Groups (Intramural Sports, Greek Life, College Radio)
  • Youth Sports Teams (Little League, Soccer, etc.)
  • Non-Profits (American Cancer Society, Animal Shelters, United Way)
  • Food and Sustainable Agriculture Groups (Future Farmers, Community Gardens, 4-H)
  • Church and religious groups

If your request falls into one of these categories (or something similar) and meets the following guidelines, please submit an application through the link below.   Fundraising for individual causes, for-profit events, political groups, and other organizations not listed above would not be eligible.

APPLICATION: We require at least three weeks’ notice in order to schedule your event. This allows our restaurants time to prepare, and it gives you time to promote your fundraiser!

REQUIREMENTS TO QUALIFY FOR THE DONATION OF FUNDRAISER PROCEEDS: To ensure purchases count towards your fundraiser, your supporters must either a) inform their server verbally of their participation, b) show a physical fundraiser flyer, or c) display a digital flyer on a smartphone or other mobile device.

**Please note that delivery or pick up orders would not apply.  A minimum event sales amount of $750 ($150 donation) is required to be eligible to receive any donation of event sales.

DISCRIMINATION: Xperience Restaurant Group Restaurants will not support organizations that discriminate against any person or group based on age, political affiliation, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, or religious belief.